A primary goal of the Rosewood Heritage & VR Project is to translate academic scholarship into public knowledge. This is accomplished in several ways, including the use of 3D digital technologies such as virtual world environments. At present, there are three main ways of doing this. Scroll to the bottom of this list for the latest version (still in progress).

The original Virtual Rosewood was released in early 2011! That is a long time in regards to digital technologies. This original version was a lightweight program designed to work in your web browser. However, changes to the ways websites operate has rendered the initial version obsolete and it no longer works. Fortunately, Diana Gonzalez-Tennant of Digital Heritage Interactive, LLC has updated this version so it can once again work.

Visitors can also access a Virtual Rosewood Cemetery via Sketchfab. This virtual experience is hosted online via a third party. In includes several annotations that create a modest tour of the site. This virtual experience was created with data from LiDAR, photogrammetry, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys. Find out more by visiting the Virtual Rosewood Cemetery page.

Current 3D/VR efforts center on creating an entirely new experience. Rosewood: An Interactive History is the title for this experience, which includes updated features like new 3D models, a full functioning user interface, and interactive content exploring background data, oral histories, and other information driving this fact-based virtual reconstruction. Learn more here.